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Vol 8 No2  30 December 2019

1. STP Development in the Context of Smart City / Raimund Bröchler, Mathias Seifert     2. A Case Study on the Financial Value of Host University Engagement between the University of Surrey and the Surrey Research Park / Malcolm Parry     3. Outcomes and Impacts of Smart City Policies in Japan / Jun Yamashita     4. A Case Study of the Daedeok Innopolis Innovation Cluster and Its Implications for Nigeria / Temitayo Shenkoya, Euiseok Kim     5. Banco do Brasil – Individual Entity Customer Satisfaction with the Digital Relationship Model / Fabiano Mattana, Luís Felipe Maldaner, Guilherme Luis Roeche Vaccaro, Luciano Mattana

· Special Contribution
Keywords :  Science and Technology Parks (STP), Smart Cities (SC), Smart Sustainable Cities (SCC), Smart City Solutions, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)
Author(s) :  Raimund Bröchler,  Mathias Seifert
· Article
Keywords :  Financial value, Innovation, Host University, Research capital for park
Author(s) :  Malcolm Parry
Keywords :  Society 5.0, Industry 4.0, Smart city platform, Global Smart City Alliance
Author(s) :  Jun Yamashita
Keywords :  Innovation clusters, Sustainable development, Human capital, Innovative capacity, Technical capacity
Author(s) :  Temitayo Shenkoya,  Euiseok Kim
· Best Practice
Keywords :  Digital bank, Digital relationship model, Customer satisfaction, Quality of services, Customer experience
Author(s) :  Fabiano Mattana,  Luís Felipe Maldaner,  Guilherme Luis Roeche Vaccaro,  Luciano Mattana