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Vol 7 No1  29 June 2018

World Technopolis Review (WTR), as a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, is aimed at sharing the knowledge and information on the regional development and innovation hased on science and technology. The journal has a lot of interest not only in regional development based on science and technology but also in the theme of 「smart city」 and the 「4th industrial revolution」.  WTR vol.7 no.1 consists of 4 papers including special contribution and best practice.
    World Technopolis Review(WTR)는 지역혁신과 과학도시 발전에 관한 다학제적 학술 저널로서, 과학 기술 분야의 지역 개발 및 혁신에 관한 지식과 정보를 공유하는 것을 목표로 합니다. WTR은 과학 기술 기반의 지역 개발뿐만 아니라 「스마트 시티」와 「제4차 산업혁명」에 관한 주제에도 많은 관심을 가지고 있습니다. WTR 7권 1호(통권18호)는 특별 기고와 모범 사례를 포함한 4 개의 논문으로 구성되어 있습니다.

· Special Contribution
Keywords :  Learning ecosystem, Collaborative innovation, 4th Industrial Revolution
Author(s) :  Kolovou Lamprini,  Raimund Bröchler
· Article
Keywords :  Technology incubation, Entrepreneurship, Training, financing, marketing, propensity
Author(s) :  Abdulmalik NDAGI
Keywords :  Science and Technology Parks, Innovation Districts, Economic Assets, Physical Assets, Network Assets, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Science and Innovation Audits
Author(s) :  Malcolm Parry
· Best Practice
Keywords :  Startup, Small and medium, sized enterprises, Academic, industry collaboration, National Cheng Kung University, Southern Taiwan Science Park
Author(s) :  Shiann-Far Kung,  Yung-Chih Yen