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Vol 6 No2  27 December 2017

World Technopolis Review (WTR) Vol.6 No.2 (17th Issue) is consisted of 5 papers: 1 Special contribution, 3 Articles, and 1 Best practice. You can download the printing version of this issue in this website.  If anyone want to download the paper of this issue in two forms, a web version (colour version) and a printing version, you can find these files on WTA publication website (http://www.wtanet.org/ds4_2_8.html).

· Special Contribution
Keywords :  Role of science park, 4th Industrial Revolution, Internet of things, Big data, On, demand economy, Hyper intelligent and hyper connected, Transformed
Author(s) :  Byung-Joo Kang
· Article
Keywords :  Smart specialisation, Cluster policy, Asia
Author(s) :  Despina Anastasopoulos,  Raimund Bröchler,  Arion Louis Kalentzis
Keywords :  Innovation hubs, Regional innovation systems, Innovation eco, system, Science parks, Triple helix, Quadruple helix
Author(s) :  Hezron M. Osano
Keywords :  Identification of industrial clusters, Cluster index, Getis, Ord’s Gi*, Qualitative input, output analysis, Spatial concentrations
Author(s) :  Cheol-Joo Cho
· Best Practice
Keywords :  Innovation infrastructure, Joint campus, Innovation system, Characterization
Author(s) :  Seo-Jeong Lee,  Eung-Hyun Lee,  Deog-Seong Oh